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Sweet Feet Spray solves problems! Sweet Feet Spray is packaged in a one ounce glass bottle that houses a special formula

    that destroys shoe odor on contact and leaves your shoes and

      feet smelling sweet and refreshed.


        How? Sweet Feet Spray is manufactured with alcohol,

        formulated water and other active ingredients that destroy the

       stink on contact!


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Jadin Gould

Man of Steel

Battle of Los Angeles

Jen Lilley

The Artist 2012

Ana Walczak


(TV series)

Page Thomas



Kenton Duty

Shake It Up

 (TV series)

Carlon Jeffery

A.N.T. Farm

(TV series)

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Dylan Sprayberry

Man Of Steel 2013

Clark Kent at 13

Robbie Tucker

–Family Weekend

– Little Fockers

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