Your favorite pair of shoes has a stench that just won’t go away. You’ve tried all the different shoe fragrances and deodorizers that just won’t last throughout the entire day…

“I’m just a simple girl trying to wear my Toms without the smell of odor.”


“I’m a good-looking guy trying to go out after football games FREE of smelly feet.”


“I’m a soccer mom who loves going to all games, but the same shoes do start to stink.”


“I live in my running shoes, but I have to buy new ones because they rick up my room!”


"I'm ready for a night on the town in my shiny heels, but they stink I hope nobody



The list goes on and on. Can you relate to any of these scenarios? This is

the story of how Sweet Feet turned into the hero of smelly feet, and invented a brand with striking personalities that you’ll crave.


Sweet Feet was invented to destroy all foot odors at the source of its cause.

This exotic new scent entails the black label and hot pink label, both with two fierce personalities that motivate ones inner instinct.


The Black Label targets those dare devils that like to take extreme to a whole new level. It attracts those individuals that live active lifestyles for men and women. For an everlasting fresh scent that is guaranteed for your whole day.


The Pink Label focuses its attention to those hardworking soccer moms, children,

families, and Guys with a taste for sweetness. It attracts individuals who have set

goals with strong dedication and commitment into achieving those goals. Indulge in a long-lasting enhanced Jamaican plum sensation that’ll get you through your day odor free. Don’t let the stink ruin your day; spray it on with Sweet Feet today!

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